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Posted by Wayne & Rose Pollard - -

Welcome to the Open Cupboard! We have been interested in health issues for a long time, for various conditions that I had going on in my life. But I wasn’t truly hooked on a healthy lifestyle until I started watching a TV program called Know The Cause. The host talked about fungus and what it could do to your body and how it was in the foods that we ate and the air that we breath. That really caught my interest. He also talked about anti-fungal supplements and herbs that would kill off fungi, viral, and bacteria infections.

In October of 2008, Wayne had seen his doctor for a routine exam and found that his tri-glicerides were up to 630 (they should have been blow 150). That really scared me and I told him that he was not going to die on me. So we started on an anti-fungal diet. In 2 months Wayne went back to the doctor for more blood work . His tri-glicerides had dropped down to 146 and his sugar numbers were great. Wayne told the doctor what we had been doing and he was impressed. He also told Wayne to remain on his medication until his next visit. By the next visit, we had great news. Wayne’s numbers were even better than the month before, so the doctor took him off all his medications (staten drugs & diabetic meds).

Around the same time, we heard that The Open Cupboard was for sale. After prayer, we felt that God was telling us to buy the business. We had shopped there for about 8 years and knew there was a great need to keep the store open.

Our mission is to educate, inform and serve our customers to the best of our ability. We are constantly trying new products and hope to grow our inventory to accommodate our customers. We look forward to helping others live their best lives through good health and nutrition.


- Wayne & Rose Pollard